Iran Change of Deed Attorneys

Iran International Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI (Esq.) & Associates in Tehran :Tehran Real Estate Lawyers & Witness Experts (Sale, purchase, lease, valuation, expertise by officially accredited and licensed experts, litigation to claim  or deny ownership, eviction of tenants, conveyancing and legal representation of overseas clients for closing of title at notaries public, drafting presales agreement, title search and investigation regarding claims of ownership.....)


Downtown Office: Unit 5, 30 Magnolia St., Off Ghaem Magham St., Tehran 1588613917, Iran

North Tehran Office: Unit 10, 20/1 Kashanchi Alley,Valiasr Ave., Tehran 1961834984     

                                   Tel:: (98-21)  88311592-88311593-22704817,22705217,      Fax: (98-21)  88823698  22732793
Telex: 2264511 HAAM-IR



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